Helping McDonald’s

The Problem

Fast food restaurant chain, McDonald’s, were having issues with blocked urinals exuding unpleasant odours – subsequently rendering the facilities dysfunctional. The cause of this being a build-up of uric acid crystals coupled with limescale; these damage the plastic and copper fittings – an unseen degradation that is generally discovered too late.

The usual solution entails the replacement/repair of the urinal – teamed with a harmful disinfectant block, that does little more than mask the smell. Commonly used descalers, mats, sleeves, air-fresheners, deodorisers, biocides, acids, bleaches and enzymes are products that do not prevent uric acid build-up.

The Solution

McDonald’s administered 2 of our 25g doses of uric acid powder, then washed the substance down the urinal with water. Moisture activates the tablets and thus, they begin to digest the uric acid crystals, as the eco tabs establish a bacterial colony within the pipework – constantly consuming arriving uric acid.

Once the crystals have been digested – the bacteria die off and are washed away in the waste water. The only by-products being 95% aerated water and 5% carbon dioxide; meaning that eco tabs are 100% environmentally friendly – safe for human, animal, aquatic, avian and wildlife.

To prevent a further a build-up within the pipework – McDonald’s has continued with a 1 x 25g monthly dose of the uric acid powder, as they now use our treatment in all offices and distribution centres.

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The Value

Other general products are inefficient – there is a likelihood of blockages, meaning the costs and risks are high. On the other hand; a singular eco tab placed into a urinal per month reduces costs by 40% to 50%, dependent on usage. It’s that simple!

Do eco tabs Work on Waterless Urinals?

Absolutely. In effort to reduce water consumption, many companies have moved to waterless urinals – promising to reduce 100k litres water, saving approximately £150 per year. However, businesses have come to realise these savings have been dwarfed by the increased cost of chemicals to reduce odour build-up, as this exercise actually accelerates the build-up of uric acid.

eco tabs are dehydrated, non-pathogenic – wastewater can awaken the bacteria and the organisms seeking the nearest food source; that being the uric crystals!

The Benefits

  • Each tablet contains over 5 billion bacterial CFU.
  • Natural ingredients, 100% non-toxic and 100% environmentally friendly.
  • No PPE required.
  • Dosage – typically one tablet per urinal per month, dependent on footfall.

For More Information

This product is available through BUNZL.

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