Ponds, Lakes & Lagoons

Ponds, lakes and lagoons that have become stagnant, full of algae and scum and emit putrid odours, lack oxygen that kills off the natural eco systems that exacerbate the problem. Traditionally, ponds have been dredged, treated with chemicals and enzymes and, in some cases, concrete lined. These methods are very expensive and generally do not work due to the anaerobic nature of the environment. The use of chemicals is very expensive, requires specialist, protective application, killing the natural environment and usually requires the sludge to be disposed of by road transport.

Why dredge up the problem when you can eliminate it?

Traditionally, waste water companies use machinery and chemicals to remove weed build-up and ‘mask’ odours. Not only is this practice damaging to the environment, it does not deal with the problem at source.

The Natural Solution

Eco Tabs’ slow release bacterial treatment digests (eats) sludge at the bottom of the water bed whilst oxygenating the water using its unique micro dot separation technology. The bacteria digest sludge and hydrocarbons, therefore cutting off the food source for algae and weeds. The by-products of Eco Tabs’ non-pathogenic bacteria are 95% water and 5% carbon dioxide.

If you are looking for ways to reduce sludge, algae and weeds, increase water pH and aerobic levels, eliminate odours and help wildlife thrive, then Eco Tabs’ unique bacterial formula is the natural choice.


  • Mitigates odours
  • Slow release
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Supports component and pipe life span
  • No need to dispose of chemicals
  • Reduces solids
  • Non-staining, biodegradable dye
  • No PPE required
  • 100% environmentally safe