ECO WMT has formed strategic alliances with industry leading innovators to bring unique solutions for today’s environmental challenges faced by the water industry.

We do not create technology for technology’s sake. We develop highly sophisticated, intuitive solutions driven by meeting customer needs. Delivering efficiency, assurance and compliance. Specialising in delivering and maintaining IoT applications for the water industry and waste management sectors

Eco IoT

Eco IoT brings together Carfiguano technology and Eco WMT’s industry expertise and knowledge in the water and waste management sectors to deliver sensor solutions that give relevant, intelligent data to suit individual business’s needs.

Eco IoT applications use existing client WiFi infrastructure to ensure data transmission is two-way, robust and provides a commercially viable low-cost, high volume solution with simple deployment and commissioning processes.


‘Free Inserted Data Objects’ (F.I.D.O.) can revolutionise the water leak detection process and save the water industry £Millions every year.


Monitus’ integrated sensors can deliver real-time weight analysis and automatic alerting, saving the waste management industry time, money and truck roll.