The Strangest Things Found in Sewers…

Ingenious and integral to the functionality of the modern world – yet, mysterious and undeniably sinister; sewer systems are cloaked with an air of the fantastical. Since the 1920’s, rumours of alligators lurking amongst the wastewater catacombs beneath New York City have been rife. Even though this myth has largely been disputed; our sewers have the habit of collecting items that can be deemed rather unexpected.


Every year, hundreds of false teeth and dentures find their way into the sewers. In 2018, a complete set of gold dentures were discovered at a sewage plant – Wessex Water started an online campaign to reunite the cleaned gnashers with their owner for Christmas!

Half a Mini

In 2014, during a widespread clear out of blockages from London’s sewer lines – workers discovered that one line was clogged by half of a Mini Cooper. Upon removing the vehicle, Thames Water discovered it to be in terrible condition; signifying that it could well have been resting beneath our feet for many decades. As to how it found its way into our sewers, or even where the other half of the car is – no one has yet to offer any theories.

World War II Ammunition & Grenades

The discovery of military ammunition in sewage systems is more commonplace than you may think. On one particular occasion, in Yoker, Glasgow – sewer workers fished out a curious object; they unknowingly passed the discarded orb around – attempting to clean it; only to discover that the item was actually an unexploded grenade! Houses above were forced to evacuate as bomb disposal experts entered the sewer!


While suggestions of a thriving community of alligators, dwelling beneath the streets of New York may merely be an urban legend – there have been several sightings of the reptiles lurking in the Big Apple’s sewer systems.

In 1935, a 2.4-meter-long (8 ft) alligator was discovered by teenagers in East Harlem. It is suspected that the animal may have escaped a steamship – being that it was a particularly icy in the Harlem River, the reptile more than likely sought refuge in a sewer pipe.

In 2010, a baby alligator was also discovered beneath a Chinese restaurant in Queens – this could have potentially been recently flushed into the wastewater system. Due to the city’s harsh winters, it’s highly unlikely that the creature could survive into adulthood confined to the sewers.


By far the most frightening monster that lurks inside the labyrinth of pipes below is the dreaded fatberg! Fuelled by the wet wipes, sanitary towels and nappies we irresponsibly flush down our toilets; fused together by our neglected fats, oils and greases (FOG) – these Goliath blockages can reach up to 250-metres!

The best way to combat against fatbergs, is to eliminate them at their source! Our non-pathogenic bacteria digests FOG – preventing the ingredients integral to the formation of fatbergs from reaching our sewage systems!

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